Saturday, September 13, 2003

Just as I Feared

From Reuters we learn the following:

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Support for a Swedish ``Yes'' to the euro overtook the ``No'' side in a poll for the first time since April after the murder of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, but another survey Saturday showed a continued ``No'' lead.

A Gallup poll, taken after Lindh died of stab wounds on Thursday, indicated that backing for the European Union's single currency had jumped to lead opposition by 43-42 percent, on an apparent wave of sympathy for the fervent pro-euro campaigner.

Fifteen percent were undecided ahead of Sunday's vote on whether to abandon the crown for the euro.

The survey, taken among 1,033 people and published by the daily Expressen and TV4, compared with a Gallup poll earlier in the week in which the ``Yes'' side had trailed the ``No'' side by 35-50 percent with about 16 percent undecided.

``Anna Lindh's death is affecting the referendum,'' Expressen said.

But a Temo opinion poll, also conducted after Lindh's death, for the Dagens Nyheter daily, showed the ``No'' camp carrying 46 percent of the vote against 40 percent for the ``Yes'' campaign.

The six percentage point lead was unchanged from a poll a day before when euro opponents led by 48-42 percent.

The bloc of undecided voters grew to 14 percent from 10 percent with Dagens Nyheter saying uncertainty had increased, especially among women and voters of the ruling Social Democratic party, after Lindh's murder.

Too many people in this world are sentimental and weak-minded, and I fully expect the "Yes" vote to win through, solely on the basis of many a voter feeling obliged to "honor" her death by voting appropriately, never mind that the poll is supposed to be about Sweden's future, not how one feels about the death of one woman. I fear that this perverse outcome is precisely what Lindh's murderer was hoping to achieve.