Sunday, September 07, 2003

Is Iran Building an Atom Bomb? (German) *

From the German Tagesspiegel am Sonntag (Daily Mirror on Sunday) comes the following news:

Eine Gruppe von 70 bis 90 Wissenschaftlern soll in Iran am Bau einer Atombombe arbeiten. Westliche Sicherheitskreise haben zahlreiche Hinweise auf geheime Aktivitäten. Die Forschung der Experten würde vom Verteidigungsministerium koordiniert.

Wie der Tagesspiegel am Sonntag aus westlichen Sicherheitskreisen erfuhr, habe der Iran in Europa Hochspannungsschalter gekauft, die zum Zünden von Atomsprengköpfen benutzt werden können, heißt es in den Kreisen.

Teheran habe sich zudem besondere Hochgeschwindigkeitskameras und Röntgenblitzgeräte besorgt, mit denen Testexplosionen untersucht werden können.
A group of 70 to 90 scientists are working in Iran on the construction of an atomic weapon. Western security circles have numerous hints of secret activity. The research of the experts is being coordinated by the [Iranian] Defense Ministry.

Taggespiegel am Sonntag has learnt from Western security circles that Iran has bought high voltage switches in Europe which can be used in the ignition of atomic explosions.

In addition, Teheran has purchased high-speed cameras and X-Ray-flash equipment with which test explosions can be measured.

I've been saying precisely this for ages now! If this news comes as a surprise to anyone, I'll be quite astonished. Military action is going to have to be taken against Iran, with the aim in mind of totally destroying the facilities at Arak, Bonab, Natanz and even Bushehr. It doesn't matter what the Russians say about the last facility - the Iranians have no real need for nuclear power, and their intentions aren't in the least to be trusted.

What I'm most interested in at present is seeing how the European governments react to the ongoing developments. The things they've had to say thus far have been less than encouraging. Jack Straw keeps waffling on about a meaningless "dialogue" with the Iranians, while as usual France and Germany play the role of facilitators, by arguing against the adoption of stern measures against Iran. Don't the governments of these countries feel the slightest bit of alarm at what Iran is up to? Western Europe is within the planned range of Shahab 4 and 5, after all, and the current fracas in Britain about the arrest of the former Iranian ambassador to Argentina is a vivid reminder that Iran has never constrained its' hostile activities to just the territories of the Great and Little Satans.

*I decided to translate more of the article text, to give those who can't read German more insight into why the article leads one to conclude that Iran's activities are dangerous.