Thursday, September 25, 2003

GOP Pressures McClintock to Yield to Schwarzenegger

This McClintock guy is being unbelievably dumb. What is he thinking, that he has a chance in hell of winning the election? If not, why is he still in the race, and who are the fools who insist on backing him to the bitter end?

Sure, on paper, McClintock seems the more consistent conservative, but politics is, as Bismarck once said, about the art of the possible, and the sort of hard-right agenda McClintock espouses simply isn't acceptable in California. A moderate Republican like Schwarzenegger, with all his failings - not least of which is his refusal to support school vouchers - is about as much as the GOP can realistically hope for in the state at this juncture, and if he were elected, there would at least be the possibility of pushing him to adopt more of the conservative agenda than he has done at present; but if McClintock stays in this race, at the least he'll rob Schwarzenegger of the credibility bestowed by a clearcut margin of victory, and at the worst he'll ensure that either Gray Davis stays in Sacramento, or Cruz Bustamante becomes the next governor of California.

I really don't understand the California GOP - never has an organization seemed so fervently drawn to self-destruction. Perhaps the only political organization that comes close in its' ability to shoot itself in the foot is the British Conservative Party.