Friday, August 08, 2003

Taylor Arms Shipment Intercepted

Via Africapundit we learn that a 10 tonne ammunition shipment ordered by "Chucky" Taylor, son of the infamous Charles Taylor, has been intercepted by Nigerian peacekeeping troops in Monrovia. To leave no doubt about the intended recipient of the arms in question, it transpires that Charles Taylor and his chief of staff, a certain "General" Benjamin Yeaten, had actually gone personally to the airport to to pick up the shipment themselves.

There can be no clearer indication than this that Taylor has absolutely no intention of going into exile voluntarily, and regards the arrival of foreign peacekeepers as no more than another divinely inspired opportunity to safeguard his hold on power. I believe that there is simply no chance of Charles Taylor leaving power without being forced out, and American firepower would have been extremely useful in securing such a result. One can't rule out the possibility of this still occurring even if via Nigerian action, but it'll have to wait until the peacekeeping troop deployments are up to their full projected strength, and their armor and transport have been delivered. In the meantime, it can't hurt to allow Taylor to continue harboring the delusion that those soldiers are there to save his hide, rather than skin it.