Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Some Guys Have All the Luck

From Aftenposten's English edition, we have the following report:

A new German survey reveals that as many as one in four men have felt under uncomfortable sexual pressure from women, and Norwegian experts believe that developments in Norway mirror this trend, newspaper Dagsavisen reports.

"Unwanted sexual pressure is serious regardless of whether it is men or women who are applying it. Many men are now also experiencing sexual harassment. Young men can feel threatened by modern women taking the initiative and making increased demands for sexual satisfaction," said sexologist and physician Kjell-Olav Svendsen to Dagsavisen.

Svendsen believes that the increasing pressure exerted by evolving sexual norms is creating sexual problems, something he sees in his patients.

"Men have wanted women to take the initiative more, but for many it has become too much of a good thing. Increased demands has resulted in many men in their 20s having sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation, impotence or loss of sexual appetite. It is a myth that men are erotic boy scouts, always prepared," Svendsen said.

A German study at Potsdam University interviewed 400 men between 15 and 25. In the over 22 group the number of those reporting unwanted sexual pressure rose to about 50 percent, including intrusive kissing and clinging when out on the town, to relationships under threat due to lack of satisfaction by the woman.

"It is a trend that many women are more sexually active and more aggressive - more like men in their behavior," said Norwegian sexologist Else Almaas.

Ah, problems, problems! We all should be so lucky ...