Sunday, August 24, 2003

European Cowardice and Perfidy

According to the New York Times, the European Union is refusing to crack down on Hamas' "political wing", even after the bloody suicide bombing that occurred so recently. What, I wonder, would it take for the E.U. to actually do something about this organization? What point is there in making abstruse distinctions between a "military" and a "political" wing of an organization that is 100% devoted to the murder of innocent civilians? Have European politicians not the slightest shame or conscience?

I can't see how one can avoid the conclusion that most European leaders value the lives of Israelis a lot less than they do those of the Palestinians, and of Arabs in general. When these same hypocrites can go on and on about the "occupation" and "mismanagement" of Iraq ad nauseum, but find it impossible to do more than make token condemnations of Palestinian terrorism even as they caution Israel against fostering "the spiral of violence", a rational observer has to conclude that there is something very nasty indeed at work beneath the surface of things.