Thursday, May 01, 2003

Zionists Behind Iraqi Cash Claims, Says Galloway

Ah, yes, that explains it all, doesn't it - it's the International Zionist Conspiracy at work again! Damn, these Zionists sure are hard workers! And resourceful too! To think they were able to create and transport all those incriminating documents just in time, and to just the right place, for the Christian Science Monitor and the Daily Telegraph to find them!

As bad this rubbish allegedly spouted by Galloway may be (if it is indeed true), given the man's career, I'm doubtful he really even believes in the worldview he's endorsing. What seems more likely is that he knows his audience well, and he knows that anti-semitic conspiracies are precisely the sort of thing they go in for. At bottom, Galloway is no more than a cheap demagogue, pandering to the basest notions of his audience for personal gain, a George Wallace with a brogue accent.