Saturday, April 05, 2003

Saddam Amongst the People?

In the original version of the story that was put up, the BBC seemed to have given the supposed siting of Saddam walking amongst his subjects a lot more credibility than any group of rational persons ought to have. This, after all, is a tyrant so afraid of being assassinated that he is said never to sleep in the same residence two days in a row; this is a man who had not been seen in public for 2 whole years before this supposed walkabout. What are the odds that he would risk exposing himself to assassination now, just when the danger is greatest?

I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised that the BBC would take at face value what no other supposedly reputable news outlet would accept, particularly when it comes to the Iraqi regime. The BBC has tended to give the Ba'athists the benefit of the doubt, while casting doubt on anything said by the British or American governments, throughout the standoff with Saddam.