Sunday, April 06, 2003

Continental Parasites

Having done their best to sabotage any diplomacy that might have put pressure on Saddam to disarm without war, the French and Germans now have the temerity to insist that America surrender control of Iraq, or, to be precise, Iraqi reconstruction contracts, to the United Nations. How shameless can politicians get?

It would be the height of folly for the Bush administration to listen to these idiots. Why should British and American soldiers fight and die so that the French and Germans can benefit from plush contracts? These two countries must be taught harsh lessons about the importance of loyalty, and that actions have consequences. If they are willing to frustrate American diplomacy for the sake of selfish, short-term benefits to their domestic constituencies, they should also be willing to take whatever comes from such short-sighted actions.

Nothing is more maddening to me than to see Tony Blair push for a major role for the United Nations in Iraq, even after the fiasco that resulted from his previous insistence on "going down the U.N. route." Blair doesn't seem to realize that he might be overplaying an already weakened hand - and for what? For the sake of the Iraqis, I hope that this time President Bush has the will to simply reject Blair's suggestions out of hand. Powell is another dangerous character to watch out for, too eager to "bridge the gap" with European "allies" who have shown themselves to be anything but on the same side.